Personal Chef Catering: Personal catering in your home or event center. We specialize in smaller gatherings. Gotta kitchen? We’ll cook for you and your special party. Enjoy yourself while we do all the work! Custom menus created to meet your needs and dietary issues.

Cooking Lessons: Each lesson is created with you in mind. What have you always wanted to learn? We can create a menu and have a party or just do an individual lesson on healthy cooking. Ideas for meal prep? We can show you how is done. Lots of options and they’re all custom. Contact us and discuss the possibilities.

Health, Wellness & Nutritional Coaching: Maria Cristina is a certified health, wellness & nutritional coach and is here to help you! Having some health issues and need support? Wanting to feel good in your body? We do pantry makeovers, smart shopping trips, meal planning and coaching to get you started on a healthy lifestyle. Also available are cooking lessons to teach you how to integrate healthy food into your life and meal prep. Contact us for more information.

Other Services

Jikiden Reiki (ray-key) is a Japanese works that means universal life energy. This energy is a natural and vital force found in all life. The practice of Reiki is a hands on and distant healing art that attune and develops natural healing and balance in the mind and body. Contact us for more information! It a wonderful way to slow down and relax with self care.

Good information for those who do not know of this practice please visit: