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Fresh Coconut

Fresh Coconuts are one of my favorite ways to hydrate. They are full of benefits although opening them can be a daunting task.

I have a nifty gadget now that makes the task much easier! The cocojack is awesome but in a pinch using a very sharp knife and chopping the top off is the way. Dangerous but worth the risk in my opinion.

Open and drink the water inside for a wonderful pick me up!

After, you can scoop out the inside meat and just munch on it or make a fun dish. Here I show you that slicing it makes great noodles. Below you will find a fun recipe for a Raw Pad Thai made from the meat I enjoy making.

Raw Coconut Pad Thai Recipe

Enjoy these beautiful Nuts? Seeds? Fruit? Do make sure you are buying sustainably sourced coconuts! Enjoy!

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