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Spring Nettle by Gabriella Damiana

The perfect timing of Nettle…

There is a saying in the herbal community that, wild medicine will appear when it‘s needed.

Nettle, mid to early spring sprouter, is a natural antihistamine. It shows up just in time for the spring mating rituals of trees and flowers as they send out billions of pollen spores into the air. The appearance of nettle coincides with this green ritual of life. If we take this plant medicine, as a drink or as food, Nettle will help ease our allergies in perfect harmony with our bodies and our environment.

Nettle has also been proven to increase stamina. Increasing our energy levels as we move from the slower pace of winter into the active time of spring.

Ever feel a little stiff during the winter season? Cold and damp, less movement….?

Once again the timing of the nettle is perfect. 

Nettles provides relief from arthritis. In fact, the Arthritis Foundation mentions drinking nettle tea to reduce inflammation and pain associated with Osteoarthritis.

Arguably one the most nutritious plants on the planet, Nettle provides a number of different nutrients:

– Rich source of iron

– The fresh leaves contain high concentrations of vitamins A, C, D, E, F, K and P, as well as of vitamin B-complexes

– The leaves are also known to contain particularly large amounts of the metals selenium, zinc, iron and magnesium, boron, sodium, iodine, chromium, copper and sulfur

– Removes heavy metal content in soil

– Can be used to produce new high-quality agricultural raw materials for the dyeing, textile and energy sectors


We invite you to take a closer look at this valuable weed. And come into relationship with its medicine.

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