Food & Health

Roasting Garlic

Garlic is one of those cure all foods right?? Sick? Eat garlic! My son recently came home with the flu. We don’t get sick around here very often but when it enters my home I do my best not to contract it myself.

I just finished a big catering event and had a ton of garlic left so I decided to roast it up to use as spread on toast. Raw garlic and I don’t always get along.

They say you can eat parsley to help but honestly it doesn’t work for me and I end up with heartburn. But roasted??? Oh yes!

Take whole cloves and cut a little off the top after removing the papery shell like the picture below. Then coat with olive oil and place in foil in a pan. Wrap it up and place it at 350 degrees in oven for 30 minutes or until soft and brownish.

Let it cool! The cloves should pop out of its skin easily.

Take the cloves and pop then in a jar. Cover with good quality olive oil. Keeps in fridge for about two weeks. It may solidify with the cold. Will become liquid again at room temp.

Use the cloves for a spread or add to your favorite dish! Leftover oil has been infused with a wonderful flavor and can be used as bread dip or add it to a salad.


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